Servo press - C frame direct drive

Servo press - C frame direct drive

Tonnage: 0
Product Code: S 6-40T SERVO

The azimuth's Servo presses now offers more flexibility & accuracy than our traditonnal mechanical presses. With our direct servo drive system, this will offers more output power with faster cycling time.

Control features & modes of operation

  • Omron Servo driven
  • Two-hands single stroke
  • Foot-single stroke 
  • Pendulum mode (adjustable stroke mode)
  • Continuous pendulum mode
  • Crankshaft motion modifier in 10 points (SPEED CAM)
  • 6 user's programmable 24VDC inputs (such as low-oil, air fault, etc)
  • 6 programmable PLS output for feeding system or equipment monitoring
  • Overrun sensor

Optional features

  • Deeper frame
  • Extended frame - Extra shut height
  • Safety light curtains
  • Custom bolster plate (burnout, t-slot,drilling)
  • Custom drilling & machining
  • Guarding system
  • Feeding system
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