About Azimuth Machinery

Leading manufacturer of stamping punch presses

AZIMUTH Machinery Ltd. was founded in 1975 by Henri Loder and John L. Gaug. Both partners acquired the goods of Alceco and, at the same time, introduced a new line of mechanical presses using the AZIMUTH branding.

In 1998, AZIMUTH shares were transferred from Henri Loder to his daughter, Louise Forget who, from the very begining, had always been closely involved in all aspects of the company. Today, Louise Forget is now president of the company.

One of the key of Azimuth Machinery success is that Azimuth is able to manufacture mechanical presses that meet the customers requirements or special specifications. We build our presses the way our customers want them.

At AZIMUTH, our employees are proud of our reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality and top performance industrial presses.

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