Clinching press 24'' throat depth

Clinching press 24'' throat depth

Tonnage: 6
Product Code: H624 GEN II

Our H624 GEN II offers a 24.25'' throat depth for your deepest duct work. Our slim arm design offers the best depth/height ratio dimension compared everything on the market. Our GEN II model is faster, safer & more reliable than our GEN I & any other clinching presses on the market. Our 3 years warranty is simply the best warranty offered on any machine on the market (punches & dies excluded)

Press features

Stroke per minute


Air required
80 PSI (low consumption)

Thickness range  
18-31Ga Mild steel

Oiling system
One set of tooling (see chart above)

Optional features

  • Safety interlock guarding system
  • Safety Shorter stroke
  • Laser pointer
  • Extra tooling set (punch & die)
  • Custom lower arm

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