Clinching press GEN III - Servo clinching press

Clinching press GEN III - Servo clinching press

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Product Code: GEN III

Azimuth GEN III clinching press sets a new standard. The first fully electrical servo motorized clinching press, our GEN III now meets speed of operation, safety standards & consistency within your clinching joints. Backed up with an outstanding 5 years warranty, you won’t have to worry about your clinching unit for a very long time.
Available in 4 differents horn depth (12'', 18'', 24'' & 32'').

Press features

  • Fully electrical - no air required (240VAC-1PH-20A)
  • Servo motorized system
  • Intelligent safety stroke protects the operator from pinch point
  • Fastest clinching in the industry ( Up to 700SPM)
  • Change from standard stroke to Safety shorter stroke with one push of a button 
  • Programmable recipe based on your parts (Parts count, stroke count, programmable jobs)
  • 7'' color Human Machine interface

Optional features

  • Laser pointer
  • Extra tooling set (punch & die)
  • Custom lower arm

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