Azimuth Complete line 0.125'' maximum thickness

Azimuth Complete line 0.125'' maximum thickness

Tonnage: 0
Product Code: AZ-DSF1

Different from Loop-type feeding system, the DSF1 combined Decoiler with the Straightener & feeder into one single unit.  This configuration eliminate the long material long material loop & which saves valuable plant floor space. Our DSF1 is available is available in 4 differents width : 15,75'',19.75'', 23.625'',31.50''.



  • Hydraulic spindle expansion from 470mm to 530mm
  • Variable speed drive for uncoiler speed
  • Pneumatic coil hold-down arm prevents material rebound and guarantees safe operation
  • Adjustable coil guides assembly for stable uncoiling process and prevent coil movement
  • Pneumatic coil hold-up arm for smoothly threading
  • Pneumatic disk brake system
  • Loop sensor for loop control

Servo straightener-Feeder

  • Pneumatic swing arm for coil threading assist
  • Self-centering coil guide rollers
  • 7 Rolls of high-quality GCr15 straightening rollers, with bottom gear drive, up4/down3
  • Worm gear adjustment of upper rollers with digital height adjustment
  • Pneumatic upper rollers release (pilot release)
  • Motorized pass line height adjustment +/-100mm
  • Adjustable tailout support bracket for smooth delivery of material from the feeder to the press

Technical Brochure


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