Tonnage monitor Auto-set

Tonnage monitor Auto-set

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Category: Tonnage monitor
Product Code: AZ-TONNAGEM

Press or die overloading is costly. It not only causes serious damage, but also reduces productivity and part quality. The most effective assurance against excessive load is a dependable tonnage monitor. The AutoSet 1500 series of load analyzers provide ease of use and reliable solutions that decrease downtime and improve process control.


  • 2-input (1500 and 1500+ models) or 4-input (1504+ model ) tonnage monitoring
  • Calculates set-points automatically, based on actual load, not press capacity
  • AutoSet "Plus" models protect dies by detecting excessive stroke-to-stroke variation in tonnage
  • The "Plus" models also enable you to view reverse "snap-through" load. If reverse load is too high, it can damage the press.
  • Improves setups by providing tonnage information to eliminate errors in shut-height adjustments
  • Displays actual tonnages and setpoints for all four corners (both sides for 1500) of the press via large digital indicators
  • Provide output for your chart recorder to monitor tool wear and press conditions with load signature

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