Wintriss WPC2000 press control

Wintriss WPC2000 press control

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Category: Press control
Product Code: WPC2000

The WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control is a feature packed, easy-to-use, dual microprocessor based clutch/brake control system for part revolution mechanical power presses.   With its two independent microprocessor systems, the WPC 2000 provides diverse redundancy, for optimum clutch/brake control reliability and greater operator safety. Send us your press requirement today for a precise quotation. When Installed by Azimuth, we offer a 2 years warranty on the press control & our enclosure.

Press control features

  • Interrupted stroke provision significantly improves pressroom productivity
  • Internal brake monitor checks press-stopping performance
  • 9 Customized status codes (including 2 cross-checked pairs) installed by user
  • Micro-inch capability improves set-up
  • Self-diagnostics identifies control problems
  • Can be integrated with SmartPAC® 2 or SmartPAC PRO for greater ease of use
  • 4-Output Programmable Limit Switch to control timing of ancillary equipment.
  • Optional Auto-compensated Top Stop (ACTS) adjusts the top-stop angle automatically as press speed changes or the brake wears.
  • Optional Shadow® light curtain provides point-of-operation guarding
  • Optional Foot Switch, One-Hand Control, External Trip, Continuous-on-Demand and Bar Modes for maximum flexibility
  • Optional Auxiliary E-Stop Relay Outputs for stopping or preventing from starting up to three auxiliary devices like a feed or a transfer if any e-stop button is pressed, any light curtain is interrupted or any cross-checked input is open.

Mode of operations

  • Inch & micro-inch for die set-up
  • Single stroke (Dual-palm & foot-switch)
  • Automatic Single stroke
  • Continuous & continuous on demand feature
  • Azimuth Maintenance counter for maintenance monitoring

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