Single point GAP PRESS

Single point GAP PRESS

Tonnage: 0
Category: C-Frame press
Product Code: AZ1 25-340T

Our AZ1 model, single point gap presses, includes all the latest safety standard. This press comes with either WPC2000 or SmartPAC PRO press control.

Features & modes of operation

  • Two-hands Inch
  • Continuous 
  • Automatic single stroke
  • Fast acting hydraulic overload
  • Timing & motion detection of the crankshaft
  • Maintenance counter (build in stroke counter for maintenance monitoring)

Optional features

  • Deeper frame
  • Extended frame - Extra shut height
  • Custom bolster plate (burnout, t-slot,drilling)
  • Custom drilling & machining
  • Guarding system (light curtains, fix guarding, die guarding)
  • Tonnage monitor 

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