10 tons part-revolution press

10 tons part-revolution press

Tonnage: 10
Product Code: 10-AC

Azimuth part-revolution press

The Azimuth's part-revolution presses are one of the most competive press in the market. Our heavy duty, rigid steel welded frames offer the oppurtinity to fully customize your press the way you need it, within respectable lead-time.

Controlled by a full-featured dual-microprocessor system, thoses presses are built to comply & exceed the CSA Z142, OSHA 29CFR 1910.217 & ANSI B11.1 & B11.19.

Press features

Stroke per minute


Air required
80 PSI

480v or 575V
Frame type 
O.B.S Steel Frame
Oiling system
Stroke activation
Dual palms

Control features & modes of operation

  • Two-hands Inch
  • Two-hands single stroke
  • Foot-single stroke
  • Two-hands "Walk-away" continuous
  • Continuous on demand
  • Automatic Single Stroke
  • Two-hands-maintained continuous
  • Foot-maintained continuous
  • 6 user's programmable 24VDC inputs (such as low-oil, air fault, etc)
  • 3 programmable PLS output for feeding system or equipment monitoring
  • Timing & motion detection of the crankshaft

Optional features

  • Shorter or Longer stroke
  • Deeper frame
  • Extended frame - Extra shut height
  • Custom bolster plate (burnout, t-slot,drilling)
  • Custom drilling & machining
  • Guarding system
  • Variable speed drive
  • Feeding system

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