Channel Letter

Channel Letter

Tonnage: 6
Product Code: CL-GEN III

Channel letter CL1830

Our CL servo clinching press is a strong & robust welded frame, floor model,  suited for parts that requires from 1-11'' deep to be clinched. The table is adjutable from 1'' (top of the die) to 11'' by an air actuator.

Several optional features are available for convenience of the operator. 

Press features

  • 1 set of tooling provide with the machine 
  • 700 Strokes per minutes
  • Clinching capacity : 20-32Ga. Galvanized or Aluminum
  • Table size : 18.25''D x 30''W
  • Table height adjustment : 1'' - 11'' 
  • Retractable Arm for ease of operation
  • Electrical footswitch to make a stroke

Optional features

  • Laser pointer
  • Extra tooling set (punch & die)
  • Table position indicator

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