Diepro1500 die protection device

Diepro1500 die protection device

Tonnage: 0
Category: Die protections
Product Code: DIEPRO1500

The DiPro1500 helps to prevent costly repairs and press downtime.   With sensors installed in and around the tool, malfunctions such as improper part ejection, misfeeds and material buckling are detected before die damage occurs.   If there is a malfunction, the system signals the press to stop.

  • Saves settings for 200 tools
  • 6 programmable sensor inputs
  • Compatible with the Wintriss DSI 2 Die Protection Sensor Interface.
  • Individual "ready" signals for each sensor
  • Allows "on-the-fly" adjustments
  • Sensor actuation signals shown on screen
  • Individual stop selection for each sensor (emergency or top stop)
  • Ability to lock or password-protect settings
  • Naming sensors improves troubleshooting
  • Expanded on-screen error messages
  • Parts, batch, and total-hits-on-a-tool counters
  • LED display for press speed and crank angle
  • Optional programmable cam switch with 4 or 8 channels

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